Welcome to the Artist Arena!
A podcast about navigating life as a Dance Artist

In each episode we will be discussing topics related to being in the dance field as a professional artist, educator, student, creator, producer, and entrepreneur. We will be diving into topics such as dance in academia, training, making and producing work, creativity, mindset, wellness, and building your life and career. Erin Nichole Boyt and Angellica DeLashmette Hurst are your hosts! We have a lot of experience in the professional dance field and the academic world, and we are excited about bringing great topics and conversations that will help and support our listeners! In each episode we will explore a new topic and examine what it means to be a dancer and artist navigating the world with dance at the center of your passion and art making.

Episode 5 | Cross-Training, Nutrition, and Body Image for Dancers
Take a listen to this episode as my guest, Shauna Meredith, discuss the difference between cross-training and supplemental training. We also discuss nutrition, psychology, anatomy, injury prevention, planning rest, and the role of body image in the dance culture and industry.