Eight powerful choreographers to bring their talent to Space/Place
2019 M.F.A Showcase

UI Dance Partnership with International Writing Program
Storytelling Through Movement

"Unafraid to tackle one of humanity’s broadest and eternally-baffling questions—existence—Being. promises to be both a visually stimulating and intellectually intriguing event."
Learning to Be Human: Being.

"In the words of Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.” The sentiment also happens to be true in the case of last weekend’s dance concert, enROOT, at Velocity Dance Center. The choreographic line up, chock full of recent graduates and fresh Seattle transplants, was a sampling of many unknown voices. Two sold-out evenings showed that audiences were willing to take a chance on these nine new works."
New Voices Showcased in enROOT
Preview: Establishing New (Dance) Roots


University of Iowa | Autumn 2020
MFA Graduate Thesis    Figures of Speech

Abstract: Figures of Speech is a live performance, creative research project that examined movement practices and traditions that are centered in the sociality of the moving body. The concept of a "social" body in the context of this research encompassed practicing and seeing movement through a lens of dialogue – transmission, communication, cultural exchange, discourse – and using this lens to develop relational approaches to creative process, choreographic design, and performance. The research additionally investigated....
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Stance: Journal of Choreographic Culture | Nov 2014
What is the New West?