Creative Work

Graduate Work

Univeristy of Iowa 2018-2020

On The Road | Spring 2020 MFA Event
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I Assume You're Assuming I'm Assuming
Performance, Choregraphy: Melinda Jean Myers and Dancers
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Figures of Speech | Thesis Research, September 2019 - March 2020
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THAW | PHASE | December 2019
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Measuring the Depth | November/December 2019
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biorhythms | Spring 2019 Graduate Project
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Converge Dance Festival 2018

Director|Choreographer: ANGELICA DELASHMETTE
Dancers: Angelica DeLashmette, Emily Curtiss, Jack Russell, Kara Rochelle Burrows, and Mackenzie Guillen
Music: Sound Design by Madeleine Cocolas, "Power Plant" by Deru, "Glacier" by Eskmo, and "Unbreakable Silence" by Ben Frost
Artist Residency: eXit SPACE School of Dance, theNEST

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Salt and Sugar

“don’t mistake salt for sugar.”- Milk and Honey, Rupi Kaur

This work is a personal story about excavating your truth and your voice. If you have to earn love, that is not love. Becoming one with who we are is to first show up for yourself. To honor your spirit. To give yourself permission to withdraw from those who diminish you and don’t allow you to fully show up in their presence. To say yes to your authenticity. Yes to your vulnerability. To say “Voice, you are welcome here. You have permission.”

scraps. I begged. I thought your salt was sugar. Dear voice, I neglected you. fear. shame. keeping me silenced. muted. restrained. suppressed. But now I spill. everything. empty. unearth. excavate. All the parts of me. now I see

Director|Choreographer: ANGELICA DELASHMETTE
Dancers: Angelica DeLashmette, Colleen Bickel, Elizabeth Sugawara, Emily Curtis
Music: Sound Design by Madeleine Cocolas, using pieces of original music by Ben Frost and Giulio Aldinucci

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"Everything we see has existed always, including the eyes we see through. There is no new matter and no new energy in the universe. We live linear time, but the enormity of existence transcends. Death is not the conclusion of our identity nor is birth the start of it. We have no beginning and we have no end."

Premiere Velocity Dance Center, Being., a split-Bill Production (2016)

Director|Choreographer: ANGELICA DELASHMETTE
Dancers|Collaborators: Abby Bradetich, Amber Homer/Jackson, Angelica DeLashmette, Colleen Hoelscher, Elizabeth Sugawara
Music Composition|Sound Design: Madeleine Cocolas
Dance Media Artist: Bryon Carr
Seamstress: Olivia Baker

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