Creative Work


Grand Canyon University | April 2022
Spring Dance Concert in collaboration with performers

The creation of this work was inspired by the concept of testimony being embodied knowledge of truth that we as individuals know, defend and believe in. The piece physically explores the pressure we may feel in the world to renounce what we know, and the boldness required to hold onto and protect it.

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Hide. Shift. Surface. Keep...Going

Grand Canyon University | December 2021

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Your Presence is Required

Zuzi! Winter Solstice Production | Tucson, AZ | December 2021
Collaboration with Charlotte Adams

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stone fruit

A comment on the delusion of polarities - a current muse of society that does not exist. A scrutiny of the practice of black and white labeling. A physical exploration of the space between loss and laughter.

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Landscape No.1

Site-specific, live-stream performance that treats choreography as a form of speculative ecology
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[Interrupted] Speech

Emerging from a curiosity about dialogue and the moving body, a re-staging with changes and adaptations in response to Covid-19 limitation.

Fall 2020 | Thesis Research Concert
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the thought of losing me...

Fall 2020 | Thesis Research Concert
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Measuring the Depth

Collaboration with IWP Poet Tautvyda Marcinkevičiūtė, exploring the haunting words of her memories in poetry, bringing life to them through movement

Nov/Dec 2019 | Graduate/Undergraduate Concert
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Investigating the process of evolution, the constant rhythm of transformation and redefinition.

Spring 2019 | Graduate Project
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Salt and Sugar

“don’t mistake salt for sugar.”- Milk and Honey, Rupi Kaur

This work is a personal story about excavating your truth and your voice. If you have to earn love, that is not love. Becoming one with who we are is to first show up for yourself. To honor your spirit. To give yourself permission to withdraw from those who diminish you and don’t allow you to fully show up in their presence. To say yes to your authenticity. Yes to your vulnerability. To say “Voice, you are welcome here. You have permission.”

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Project Reels

Delashmette Dance Projects Reel
Seattle, WA
Video: 2013 - 2018

Graduate School Creative Work Reel
The University of Iowa, Iowa City IA
Video: 2018 - 2020

Global Water Dances - Voice of the River 2021 | Upstream >>

Spring 2020 MFA Event | On The Road >>

I Assume You're Assuming I'm Assuming >>

Fall 2020 | Film | Another One Forever >>

Thesis Research, September 2019 - March 2020 | Figures of Speech >>

December 2019 | THAW | PHASE >>

Fall 2019 | Film | To The Moon >>

Converge Dance Festival 2018 | Diametric >>

Being. 2016 | Annular >>    Excerpts >>

TRANSCRIBE 2015 | On The Line >>